Clinical Topic Dry needling for hypertonia and spasticity

Dry Needling for Hypertonia and Spasticity (DNHS®) is a dry needling technique and concept of treatment designed with specific application criteria for patients with damage to the central nervous system. The goal of this technique is to improve centrally originated hypertonia, spasticity, and disorders of movement and function.

This course is teached by Dr. Pablo Herrero, the Head of Research at iPhysio Research Group and Lecturer at San Jorge University. He holds a doctorate in Physical Therapy from Zaragoza University (Spain). Dr.Herrero is specialist in invasive techniques, teaching about dry needling for the treatment of myofascial pain at pre-graduate (San Jorge University) and post-graduate courses.

He is the author of DNHS® technique and method, a dry needling technique to treat spasticity, which has been expanded to different countries all through the world. He has published several publications regarding this topic:

He is also President of the Association for Research in Motor Handicap (AIDIMO) and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Invasive Techniques in Physical Therapy.